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Matthew Joseph West (born April 25, 1977) is a Contemporary Christian musician from Nashville, Tennessee. He has released four studio albums and is known for his No. 1 hits “More”, “You Are Everything”, and “The Motions”. He was nominated for five Dove Awards in 2005, two of which were for his major label debut album Happy.
First starting out as an independent musician in the late 1990s, he released three independent albums before signing with Universal South Records. With the release of his Dove Award-winning debut album Happy (2003) came the success of his first radio single “More”, which stayed at No. 1 on Christian AC charts for nine weeks and received two Dove Award nominations. His second record History (2005) was followed by a 2006 re-release of the originally independent album Sellout. In 2007 he faced vocal issues which threatened his career with two months of prescribed vocal rest. His third studio album Something to Say (2008) also enjoyed chart success with No. 1 hits “You Are Everything” and “The Motions”.
In addition to his main solo career, West has worked as a songwriter for many Christian musicians and groups such as Point of Grace, Mandisa, and Natalie Grant, as well as mainstream country acts Rascal Flatts and Billy Ray Cyrus.

West wrote most of his first songs in the sanctuary of his father’s church while he was at home during college breaks. He was a songwriter and independent musician from 1997–2002, releasing three albums: September Sun (1997), Every Step of the Way (1998), and Sellout (2002). In October 1997, he went on a three-city tour to support of the release of September Sun.
Just before graduating from Millikin University in 1999, someone from the college recommended that West attend the GMA Music in the Rockies event for aspiring musicians. Although West was not interested at first, he attended after learning that other people signed him up and paid his entrance fee. He met a representative from Word Publishing at the event who took interest in him and kept in contact until he graduated. West landed in the finals of a songwriting competition and was offered a songwriting deal in July 1999, five weeks after graduating. After penning songs for well-known musicians like Billy Ray Cyrus and Rachael Lampa, he began touring the United States as an independent artist in 2000 and 2001.
“I’m not going to candy coat it and say, ‘Life is hard but God is good.’ No, I was at the depths and my weakest moment.”
Matthew West in an interview with Christianity Today about his arm injury.
On July 26, 2002,[6] only a week or two before signing a record contract with Universal South Records, West had an injury to his left arm which threatened his musical career and guitar playing. He says, “I locked myself out of my house. But I’d done that before, and I had a way of breaking in through a window. But this time, I had a really hard time getting the window open. I started pushing up on the window really hard and my hand broke through the glass. Blood starting spewing out of my left arm everywhere and I ran down my street screaming for help. After seeing so much blood, I went into shock and just blacked out in the middle of the street. The next thing I can remember is some construction workers praying over me in Spanish and then being taken to the hospital.” West was told that the chances were low of regaining the full use of his left arm, having come very close to severing a major artery. He recovered after the accident, however, and was able to continue playing guitar and record for his first studio album.

West said that he began to experience “some vocal fatigue” in April 2007. He said “I had lost some of my vocal range, staying on higher notes and lower notes. I even began having a hard time speaking.” At a vocal check-up in response to the issue, West’s doctors at the Nashville Vanderbilt Voice Center discovered “hemorrhaging caused by some polyps”.He was told by his doctors that vocal surgery was the only option, since a few weeks had passed. The surgery took place on May 17, 2007, a process that he said was “career threatening.” Afterward, he was prescribed a two-month period of silence for vocal rest.
A video documentary titled Nothing to Say, directed and produced by Benjamin Eisner, was released in early 2008, highlighting Matthew West’s time of silence and vocal recovery in 2007. In February 2008, the documentary was available exclusively in Family Christian Stores as a CD/DVD combo pack with West’s album Something to Say.

The first single from Matthew West’s new album, “My Own Little World” was released on August 23, 2010. The album, The Story of Your Life, was released October 5, 2010, and according to West, is a response to thousands of life stories his fans shared with him. “The first day, I got 1,000 stories. All of a sudden, I was like, ‘holy cow, something special is about to take place’. I rented a cabin in Tennessee, about 25 minutes from my house that felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere. And I spent two months in that cabin reading 10,000 stories,” the singer/songwriter reported in an interview with Matthew is also starring in The Heart of Christmas.

Matthew West currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Emily. He married Emily on May 10, 2003 after proposing to her in September 2002. They have a daughter Luella Jane (“Lulu”) and a daughter Delaney Ruth. The Wests own a pug named Earl “The Girl”